Update 6.2-122

It’s been a while since we rolled out our last maintenance patch. As usual, this one also consists mostly of bugfixes and minor changes. The past weeks have been quite sluggish in general as we’ve been working on other projects a lot, including the recent adjustments to our backend and portal systems. Either way, work on Dynamic Turnaround Times and Delays will continue this week and we hope to have further news about this soon.

  • CHANGE: Cheating prevention: Pilots will only be added to global pool when liquidated company can afford their compensation
  • CHANGE: Center route maps on hub when no routes exist
  • BUGFIX: Wrong percentage calculation for EBITDA, EBIT, EBT
  • BUGFIX: Missing price slider/fields in inventory
  • BUGFIX: Flight time rounding in performance tool different from scheduling
  • BUGFIX: Pilot re-training possible without cash balance check
  • INTERNAL: Remove Jabber/XMPP dependencies