Update 6.2-135

New month, new maintenance patch! We fixed a whole bunch of smaller issues and implemented some of the suggestions you’ve sent in over the past months. Note that some of the changes still need to be properly translated and will show up in English even if you’ve selected another language. This will be addressed once AirlineSim 6.3 has been released. The changes and bugfixes in this release are:

  • CHANGE: Airline signatures now use new logo
  • CHANGE: Links to naming conventions and traffic right info on the „new enterprise“ page now open in new tab
  • CHANGE: The labels for pilot re-training have been cleaned up
  • CHANGE: „Send Interlining Request“ link on airline page now hidden for your own airline
  • BUGFIX: Slot usage would not take curfews into account
  • BUGFIX: Staff from interlining contracts would be ignored if airline has no flights
  • BUGFIX: Naming/sorting issue in service profile choices
  • BUGFIX: Rounding issues in flight costing
  • BUGFIX: AS-specific IATA airport codes with single digit would not work in quick-lookups
  • BUGFIX: Wrong text when withdrawing pilots from aircraft