Update 6.3-29

AirlineSim 6.3 has been running all our game worlds for a few weeks now. Most feedback we received so far had to do with how we changed the display of the visual flight plan since in existing game worlds, that's the most visible change there is. We have taken this feedback to heart and this update will introduce a first batch of adjustments. More will probably follow in the future as we receive more input on our forums or through our email support channels.

  • CHANGE*: Visual Flight Plan: Higher contrast for location label.
  • CHANGE*: Visual Flight Plan: Make background color of hour headers alternate (light/classic theme).
  • CHANGE: Visual Flight Plan: Don't show airline code in flight numbers of short flights.
  • CHANGE: Visual Flight Plan: Display full location code and earliest ready time on hover.
  • CHANGE: Improved rating/demand images (courtesy of partim).
  • BUGFIX*: Visual Flight Plan: Ensure hover menu is not obstructed by following flights.
  • BUGFIX: Convertible aircraft did not show up as such in legacy game worlds that have not received data patch yet.
  • BUGFIX: MPL warning icon on aircraft type page was broken.
  • BUGFIX*: Scrollbar in Microsoft Edge would cover parts of the content.

Important: All items marked with a * will only become effective after a hard browser refresh.