Update 6.3-45

Our first maintenance patch of the year brings two smaller changes that are mostly relevant for Quimby:

  1. The formula for catering times was unintuitive for small amounts of catering: In some cases, loading more catering would in fact reduce the catering times because more "catering trucks" were used. Now, the catering time rises linearly with the amount of catering that needs to be loaded.
  2. The maintenance times are a bit more flexible now: Instead of always using the maximum time available based on the schedule of an aircraft, the revised formula will use at least the minimum maintenance time of two hours and at most the actual available time (in case of delays). This way, maintenance serves as a buffer against delays to some extend, but keep in mind that this means that an aircraft might not get the full amount of maintenance it needs.

This release also brings a whole bunch of improvements for the French and Spanish translations of the game. Thanks to danielba and fklotz for that!