Quimby IV is now open with new aircraft data

As previously announced, the fourth iteration of our time-limited game world Quimby is open as of today! The configuration is pretty much the same as that of its predecessor: No used aircraft at start, regular slots, multiple holdings and rising demand over time. Since we are still hard at work on some major new features and our recent survey showed that you prefer long running times over short ones, we decided to leave the new Quimby open for 8 months this time. As such it will end on November the 1st. To get started, head over to the new game world right here.

New aircraft data

The launch of Quimby brings with it a huge batch of new and adjusted aircraft data. Most importantly, these new aircraft types are introduced:

  • Airbus A320neo
  • Airbus A330-200/300E
  • Boeing 737 with scimitar winglets
  • Comac ARJ21-700
  • Embraer 175 (enhanced)

Thanks to pleurotides for providing new sheer plans for the A320neo and the Comac ARJ21!

Beyond that, about 150 aircraft models have been adjusted, primarily to make fuel consumption values more accurate and to improve their relative performance compared to other models in their class. A big shout-out goes to Matth, Spezialist and several helpers from the community who invested countless hours to research and test the new data. Thanks a lot guys!

Note that after an initial testing period on Quimby, all these changes will be applied to existing game worlds as well.

New and adjusted airport data

We have also prepared an airport data patch based on your feedback and as part of ongoing data maintenance. You can find all the changes in this PDF.