Update 6.3-96

This is a long overdue maintenance patch which fixes various bugs and adds a few minor changes and improvements. Two things are worth mentioning, though:

  1. We changed how the valuation of companies works. We now take into account the actual company value of subsidiaries and held shares. This way it should be impossible in the future to move multi-billion airlines between accounts by selling them as a subsidiary of a shell company that's still at it's initial book value (typically 10 million). Revaluation happens at every week-end closing of a company, so it might take a few weeks until all the corrected values have "bubbled up" to holding level.
  2. When installing a new cabin configurations, you are now only charged the difference based on the types and amount of seats you install. So for example, if you only change the amount/type of seats in business class but leave economy class untouched, you will only be charged for the difference in business class. The economy seats are "re-used". We see this as a temporary measure until we implement a more sophisticated system that allows for actual depreciation and storage of seats.

All changes in this patch:

  • NEW: Current cabin configuration is displayed in aircraft view
  • NEW: Cabin configuration can be installed from aircraft view
  • CHANGE: Unrealized gains and losses from held shares are taken into account for company valuation
  • CHANGE: Loan contract payments start one week after delivery of aircraft
  • CHANGE: Seats are reused when new cabin configuration is installed and seat type hasn't changed
  • CHANGE: Companies will always be granted rescue loans independent of financial situation
  • CHANGE: Display tail number in load monitoring
  • CHANGE: Added a safety checkbox to terminal construction form
  • BUGFIX: In some cases it was possible to access fleets of foreign enterprises if the ID was known
  • BUGFIX: Fix integer overflow in calculation of airline image
  • BUGFIX: Don't allow asset transfers between companies that have a running IPO
  • BUGFIX: "Ready for departure" time estimate was off by a few minutes in some cases