Update 6.3-135

After the announcement of the new Booking Classes and Diverse Passenger Types feature it has been a bit quiet around here. The ramp-up for the convention made us postpone a lot of other work which we now had to get out of the way before delving back into AirlineSim development. But instead of continuing right where we left off, we decided it was about time to take care of some of the "smaller stuff" again, too. So after months of heavy focus on major new features, here's a little maintenance patch containing some fixes, changes and improvements people have requested over the months (as well as several internal changes invisible to the end-user).

Before you check out the list of changes, a quick heads-up: For anyone who couldn't make it to the convention this year, we will be doing a livestream tomorrow in which we will go over the announcements in detail once more. Find the times and links here.

  • NEW: Scheduling: Link to remove speed override for a single day
  • NEW: Scheduling: Links to set maximum or minimum speed override for all days with flight assignment
  • NEW: Scheduling: Link to remove speed overrides on all days
  • NEW: Fleet assignment can be adjusted from aircraft page
  • CHANGE: Liquidation of leased out aircraft now follows same rules as that of regular owned aircraft
  • CHANGE: When placing aircraft onto the market, the maximum selectable percentage of the purchase price is now 90%
  • CHANGE: Display year in list of stock trades
  • BUGIX: Friendlier error message when entering price in stock market forms in invalid format
  • BUGFIX: Updates to aircraft data would not be applied (specific to Idlewild)
  • BUGFIX: Performance tool would not display errors for invalid take-off/landing distances
  • BUGFIX: Ensure that at least one door per cargo compartment is assumed in loading formulas, even if data is wrong