Update 6.3-200 with hard slot blocking rules

Today is the day: After we postponed the introduction of hard slot blocking rules last month, they get rolled out to all game worlds today. More precisely, these are the relevant changes introduced by today's patch:

  1. The hard slot blocking rules are applied during flight instancing. Whenever the system encounters a now illegal flight it will mark it with an error automatically, thereby blocking it from instancing and freeing any occupied resources (primarily slots). So effectively, all illegal flights should be disabled in about one week, the latest.
  2. The new relation-based landing fee model that has been active in recent game worlds is now the standard in all game worlds.

Besides these visible changes, quite a bit of behind-the-scenes stuff went in, mostly to allow for better support processes and to get the game to work with a new version of our account management system. Not exciting, but necessary maintenance.

As usual, should you encounter any issues, don't hesitate to contact support!