A321neo, 737-8 MAX and A330-300R land in AirlineSim

The last few weeks have seen some very interesting news in the aviation industry and we have been working hard behind the scenes to follow suit within the game.

Although there have been a few first flights over the past few weeks (MC-21, C919, A319neo, 787-10, E195-E2) we still need to wait a little longer until we can fly those types in the game worlds. But besides those first flights we have also seen two entries into service of brand new aircraft. On May 22nd Malindo Air flew the first 737-8 MAX in a commercial flight and on June 1st Virgin America had its first A321neo start flying.

We are happy to introduce both aircraft to the game worlds today. Along with the two narrow-bodies we can also add an additional variant of the A330. The A330-300R is a version that is optimized for short to medium haul routes and has a better per-seat cost compared to the base variant.

This update, including the data research, the testing of the new models as well as this very announcement, has been prepared by the new Aircraft Data Team. So once again, thanks a lot to all the volunteers who make AirlineSim possible!