Maintenance Patch 2019-01

Today we are releasing the first in a series of maintenance patches we have planned for the first quarters of 2019. This one focuses mostly on various smaller comfort improvements and bugfixes. You can find the list of all changes below.

Our thanks goes out to all players that helped make this patch a reality by reporting bugs and participating in community discussions!

Version 6.3-379 Release Notes

New Features

  • When deleting unused flight numbers in bulk, you can now select to also include empty flight assignments with speed overrides.
  • The fleet actions now also support withdrawing pilots from aircraft.


  • We now use a a more linear formula to generate the aircraft cleaning times to avoid unexpected jumps when certain seating thresholds are exceeded (only affects game worlds with Dynamic Turnaround Times).
  • Alliance formations will time out after 72h if any founding member does not respond in time.
  • Aircraft maintenance costs now are type-specific instead of being based on rough aircraft size categories. Initially, the costs will remain unchanged, but we will make use of this option with the next data patch to adjust maintenance costs for several aircraft types, mainly wide-bodies.


  • Empty flight assignments with speed overrides do not block slots anymore (note that it might take a few days for this to take effect until the slot cleaner has processed every airport).
  • Financial Schedule/Cash Flow now use the salaries actually set for the next financial week.
  • When leaving an alliance, the safety checkbox now actually does what it is supposed to.