Welcome, E195 E2!

As the new Embraer E195 E2 has finally made it into active service, it’s time for another aircraft data patch in AirlineSim!

The latest member of the E2 family is now available on all game worlds. And if you’re looking for the Dash 8: It’s been renamed and is now listed under “De Havilland” again, as Bombardier has sold the aircraft family.

While we’re welcoming a new aircraft type to the game, we’ve decided that some aircraft types will soon have to face the opposite fate as well: End of production. If you’d like some of the following aircraft, make your last order now - they will be taken out of production on December 6th.

  • A318 (all versions)
  • AN38 (all versions)
  • AN124
  • B737-600 (all versions)
  • B767-200ER
  • B767-400ER

Another piece of advice for an upcoming change: Our current wiki will be taken offline in December. If you’d like to save any aircticles (maybe those you’ve written yourself or other memorabilia) for your own use, make sure to download them soon.

PS: Yeager III will be launched on December 6th.