Starting into 2020

The new year is already a few weeks old by now, so it’s time for a news update!

Otto VI

As you know, Otto V is ending on February 7th - and we’ve decided to launch Otto VI on the same day. So mark your calendars now for the next game world launch.

Otto VI will run for 10 months and start with the new relative demand data (as already in use on Quimby, Yeager and Wright).


On the same day, we’ll introduce the latest patch (that came with Yeager III) on all game worlds. This will bring the new credit financing system to all game worlds and should be very welcome especially on older game worlds, where buying aircraft instead of leasing will become a much more interesting option.


Last year, we decided to pull forward the financing update and therefore to push the announced aircraft conversion tool into 2020. So naturally, this feature is back on our agenda now and we’ll start development soon. We think this was a useful swap to make, as everyone intending to make use of aircraft conversions will now have some time to plan ahead and get the financing sorted for the aircraft you’ll want to convert with the new tool.

We’re also working on a new airport data patch right now that will eventually include a few hundred updates (with many new airports being added). We’re planning to finish, test and release this patch in 1Q2020. This will be released on all game worlds and with that, the relative demand data will also make its way onto all older game worlds.