Otto VI launch and patch

Today, we are introducing the latest maintenance patch to all game worlds, including the new financing formulas. Please refer to the news post for the Yeager III launch for more details. Existing loan contracts on old game worlds will stay as they are.

For a better illustration of how the annuity loans work, you can find a screenshot below, listing the complete payment plan.

Annuity loan payment plan

Please note that in case you decide to repay a part of the annuity loan, the weekly payment will stay the same with the annuity loan system. When using the new credit financing on the used aircraft market, please be aware that the shown weekly payment is only an estimate based on your airline’s current financial rating. So when you’re doing any major spending (depending on your airline size) before the auction is over, this might affect your financial rating and therefore lead to higher weekly payments once the contract is closed at the end of the auction.

Otto VI configuration:

  • Latest ORS configuration
  • Used aircraft available
  • Only current aircraft types available
  • No nighttime bans
  • Double slots
  • Multiple holdings per account allowed
  • Increasing demand over time
  • No IPOs possible

Get started right here:

As with every instance of Otto, Otto VI is time-limited and will run for 10 months until 7th December 2020.