New Game World: Domination

Today, we are launching a new experimental game world, or rather game mode: Domination!
In Domination, you will be able to set up subsidiaries all around the globe with full traffic rights, allowing you to truly conquer the world!

Get started here:

This is a very significant change in the way we are used to playing AirlineSim, as such this is an experiment for now. The playground for your airlines will be bigger than ever thanks to the traffic rights, double slots at airports and no nighttime bans. At the same time, we want to make sure there is a level playing field for everyone, and we have set a limit of one holding per player. Any multi-accounting will be punished by way of deletion of all involved holdings, so it is better not to risk it, and better yet help make it an enjoyable experience for everyone!
All current aircraft types will only be available directly from the factory, but keep in mind that the production queue will be shared with all your subsidiaries. Better plan ahead on how to organize your fleets!

We hope you’ll enjoy this new kind of game mode, and all the best on your quest to world domination!

Configuration summary for Domination:

  • No used aircraft available
  • Latest ORS Version
  • No nighttime bans
  • Double slots
  • Only one holding per account
  • Increasing demand over time
  • No IPOs possible
  • All countries open for foreign investment

Our Domination game world is planned to run for 6 months. However, this is an experimental game world and the special configuration might lead to unforeseen server performance issues over time, please be aware that this could possibly result in a premature cancellation of the game world. Standard prices apply with 4 credits per holding.