Maintenance Patch 2020-02

Today we are releasing a new maintenance patch, bringing along some smaller features and changes for the game and aircraft data. You can find all relevant changes below.

Version 6.4.6 Release Notes

New Features

  • Flight Planning: When creating new flight numbers from the aircraft page, you can now reverse origin and destination with the click of a button.
  • Flight Planning: Apply one day's speed override to all other days with one click.


  • News about company deletions now contain the airport at which that company was based. Articles generated before the update obviously do not contain the required information and thereby appear a bit "buggy".
  • Flight Plan operations (lock, activate, delete) are now also available as fleet actions.


  • Articles about company deletions are now generated in all cases. Previously this wasn't always the case, for example when a user was deleted.

Aircraft Data Changes

  • Changed aircraft code for the Boeing 787-10
  • Updated the Airbus A350-1000 seating capacity
  • Reduced build time for Comac ARJ21 orders