Upcoming Data Patch Schedule

This is an advance notice for data patches we plan to apply over the coming days.

Xiguan / Hoover

This Thursday, June 25th, we will upgrade our Xiguan and Hoover game worlds to the latest Blériot patch level. This includes the new airports (e. g. Daxing) as well as the new relative demand data that have already been used on our Quimby, Otto, Yeager and Blériot game worlds.

With the switch to the new relative demand data, some routes might see less demand, while others will see more demand than before - all based on the real-world data we acquired last year. This should mainly benefit some regions and country pairs that did not have demand at all in our old data set, e. g. between the US and Cuba. To learn more about the relative demand data, please see our blog posts from last year when they were first released on Quimby IX.

We have decided to first implement the patch on Xiguan and Hoover only, in order to allow for a final test ahead of the implementation in all game worlds, which is supposed to take place when Quimby X is launched.

Quimby X and all other game worlds

If all goes as planned, we will do the re-launch for Quimby X on Tuesday, June 30th, and also upgrade all other game worlds to the same patch level. Quimby X will run for 10 months as usual.