December Preview

The year is almost over and you’re probably wondering which new game world launches to expect before Christmas. Both Otto VI and Wright are ending in December and - to make room for a brand new game world - will not immediately be replaced by new iterations this time. Here’s all you need to know:

December 7th

As Otto VI ends, it will pause for 10 days. This allows us to instead launch a new long-term game world that day. It will be the very first long-term game world to use the new ORS right from the start and will cater to the many players who wish to compete long-term with the more realistic environment enabled by the new ORS.

December 17th

With our Wright game world ending, we’ll be re-launching Otto VII on the same day. As we haven’t decided yet when we’ll see a Wright II game world, we’re intending to make older aircraft types available again on Otto VII, so it can better serve as a replacement for Wright and provide a different scenario to choose from.

Data Patch

We’re also preparing a new data patch for release to all game worlds in December. The patch will be adding the new BER airport along with various other data updates for airports and aircraft.

A bonus for you!

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