New long-term game world: Limatambo

It's finally here... our first long-term game world with the new ORS! Say hello to Limatambo!

Want to get started right away? This way please:

We’re wishing you best of luck and success on our new game world!

Configuration for Limatambo:

  • New ORS
  • No used aircraft at start
  • Only current aircraft types available
  • One holding per account maximum
  • Slowly increasing demand over time
  • No stock exchange

As you would expect, Limatambo also uses dynamic turnarounds and the latest list for countries accepting foreign investment. It also comes with standard slots, active nighttime bans and ground networks enabled. With Limatambo being a long-term game world, your holding will cost 6 credits per day.

PS: As announced in the last blog post, our Otto game world will now pause for 10 days and relaunch on December 17th.