Otto VII and data patch

The Wright game world has ended - but worry not, lovers of classic aircraft types! Otto VII is here to take over! With Otto VII, we’re bringing back a game world where you can freely choose your personal favourite aircraft types from the past three decades. All those aircraft types will be available for order and used aircraft from each type will become available on the aircraft market as well.

Otto VII configuration

  • Latest ORS configuration
  • Used aircraft available
  • All aircraft types available for order
  • No nighttime bans
  • Double slots
  • Multiple holdings per account allowed
  • Increasing demand over time
  • No IPOs possible

Get started right here:

As with every instance of Otto, Otto VII is time-limited and will run for 10 months until 18th October 2021.

Data Patch

But for all other game worlds, there’s news as well: A regular airport data patch with size, slot and runway updates (also including the new BER airport for all game worlds) and featuring demand updates for some countries will be rolled out today. You can find a complete list of all changes here.

The airport size updates listed in the PDF will only take effect on Limatambo and Otto VII (and in all future game worlds), while slot updates, demand updates and new airports are updated on all game worlds in the same way.

There's also a small update regarding the aircraft data with some newer aircraft types getting their own three letter codes (E2-Jets and NEOs) to distinguish them from their predecessors.