End of an era: Farewell, Spezialist!

We have got some sad news to share: After more than half a decade of service to AirlineSim, Johannes - better known to most as Spezialist - will be leaving simulogics at the end of next month.

Johannes more or less single-handedly managed all of our official support channels during a time at which simulogics as a company went through a transition from tiny freelance shop with a single product to a somewhat larger game studio focussing on the operation of two titles at once. This wasn't always easy, as resources were almost always spread too thin. Despite this, he kept things running and still managed to leave his mark: Us offering exclusive game worlds as a regular service was essentially his idea, and they have been popular with a lot of players for years now, not least due to his personal dedication to making them a pleasant experience.

In the name of the whole simulogics team: Thank you for your dedication and contribution to AirlineSim and its community! We are looking forward to seeing you around!

Johannes will obviously leave quite the gap in our team. As such, we are looking for someone to follow in his footsteps as soon as possible. If you are interested or know of someone who might be a good fit, please check out and/or refer to the job ad we have posted to our website!