Domination III

The time has come for another launch: Today, we are happy to announce that the game world Domination is going for a third run!

Like in the previous two iterations, Domination III offers you the possibility to create subsidiaries in countries all around the world and gain access to full traffic rights. With increasing demand over time, the absence of nighttime bans and double slots at all airports, this game world provides all the freedom you need to grow your airline as an international competitor and dominate the market!

In order to keep the game world balanced, only one holding will be allowed per account. As before, all current aircraft types will be available directly from the factory and the production queue will be shared with all of your subsidiaries.

Ready to jump in and play? Join Domination III here:


  • All countries open for foreign investment
  • No used aircraft available
  • Latest ORS Version
  • No nighttime bans
  • Double slots
  • Only one holding per account
  • Increasing demand over time
  • No IPOs possible

With a limited run-time of 8 months, Domination III is going to be available until 19th July 2022. The standard price of 4 credits per holding applies.

Relaunch Bonus

But wait, there is more! Use our voucher code DOMINATION3 after choosing your package size and receive a 10% discount on your next credit purchase. The code will be valid until this Sunday.