Quo vadis, AirlineSim?

After seeing your feedback and the lively discussion surrounding the future of AirlineSim, we are very excited that we can finally share the project that we have started working on: The AirlineSim Technology Demonstrator, or short, ASTD!

You may be wondering what that is about, so here is a quick outline: Basically, the ASTD serves as a prototype that lets us explore what the next generation of AirlineSim could be looking like. With the twentieth anniversary of the game around the corner and a federal funding program becoming available, we decided to take the next step in the development of AirlineSim and see how far we can take our concept of a browser-based airline simulation using the latest technologies, a fully responsive UI and a solid game design from the start.

What does this look like in detail?

One of the core features of AirlineSim is undoubtedly its Online Reservation System, the ORS. With the ASTD prototype, we want to evaluate the limits of where we can go with this by introducing a new Distribution System (DS).

The DS will take the booking requests of our virtual passengers and distribute them among the available flights and connections. Unlike the ORS however, the DS will focus on implementing real world concepts such as interlining, booking classes and fare codes. This will enable you to create unique airlines that are going to stand out from the competition and serve different areas of the market. Overall, we aim to provide you with a lot more control over how you want to design your companies: From low-cost airlines to full-fledged network carriers – the choice is yours!

As this project will be a prototype and not a fully realised game, please note that it will only include basic features that allow you to try out the new Distribution System. Many of the current game aspects (such as slots, an aircraft performance system and cargo) will be missing. Instead, the ASTD is meant to be an opportunity for us to fix existing design issues and create a fresh foundation for the next twenty years of developing AirlineSim. And in order to make the most out of this project, we’re involving you!

How can I participate?

Just like when we started working on the original AirlineSim, we want to involve you in the development process of the ASTD as much as possible. With the overall project currently being scheduled until the middle of 2023, we plan to move into an open development phase around the middle of 2022. Players with premium accounts will then be able to access the prototype and try out updates that will be added weekly.

Where can I get more information?

These are some of the most important bits for now. We hope you will enjoy the development of the ASTD as much as we do! In case you have more questions, have a look at the FAQ we uploaded or – even better – visit our YouTube channel where Martin explains the project in detail.

If you want to stay in the loop, you can also visit us on Facebook and Twitter, join our Discord server or check out the discussions on the AirlineSim forum. Of course we will keep posting on the blog and sending out newsletters as well so you don’t miss out on anything.

Last but not least – we’re going live!

As an announcement special, we will also be hosting a casual Q&A stream on Monday, the 6th of December 2021, at 20:00 (CET) with members of the AirlineSim team, so if you have any burning questions that weren’t answered yet, feel free to post them on our Q&A thread so we can have a look at them during the stream!

On Monday, you can find our stream here - we're looking forward to chatting with you!