That was 2021!

As the end of the year is almost here we want to take the time and provide a quick recap of what went on with AirlineSim in 2021. We will also add some information on what's in store for the game in the upcoming year, so stay tuned!

A New Prototype: The AirlineSim Technology Demonstrator

To start with one of our recent announcements, let's take a look at the reveal of the AirlineSim Technology Demonstrator (ASTD): Since the project involved a bit of preparation, we were really glad to see your feedback and the vivid discussions surrounding the prototype. We also have a lot planned for next year – make sure to check out the blog as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages to get the latest news regarding the development progress!

Game World Launches

Apart from that, we kept introducing new game worlds such as Bleriot III, Otto VIII and Yeager V. We have regular launches scheduled for 2022 as well so you can always look forward to some game world news.

December Mini Patch

Since there were some ongoing game issues, we also released a small patch a few days ago which focused on fixing

  • an issue which made it possible to buy leased aircraft at a very low price after the lessor was liquidated,
  • a problem with the display of the Markets & Exchanges page and
  • an error that appeared when creating IPOs for highly valuable companies.

As always: If anything else comes up, feel free to contact us via support. Please note that as the holidays are approaching, response times may be a little longer than usual until the beginning of January. Thanks for your patience!

One More Thing...

Before signing off for this year, we have prepared a voucher for a 15% discount on your next credit purchase – just enter HOLIDAYS21 during checkout and you're good to go! The voucher will be valid until (including) 27 December 2021.

That's a Wrap!

Time went by fast but we're already looking forward to a new year full of game world launches, ASTD updates and, last but not least, the twentieth anniversary of the game. A big shout-out to our community, as well – the game wouldn't be the same without your support!

With that said, we hope you have a great start into 2022 – happy playing & see you soon!

Your AirlineSim Team