An Update on Fuel Prices

Hey everyone!

As most of you probably noticed, the world's kerosene prices went up quite a bit over the last few weeks, which affected the price levels in AirlineSim as well. Following your discussions regarding the topic made us realize that the rising fuel expenses can make it hard for airlines to remain profitable within the game's market. The question is – how do we proceed?

Up until now, the game's fuel prices have always been modelled after real world values, which can add a certain degree of realism to the gameplay. On the other hand, applying a price limit may offer more stability when it comes to price fluctuations.

As you can see, there are different options with valid pros and cons, however after taking a step back to assess the development of the situation, we decided to keep following the real world prices for the time being. This doesn't mean that we can't imagine employing a different price model in the future, however we'd like to take some time before thinking about applying fundamental changes to the game's fuel price dynamics.

We know that finding the right balance is tough in a situation like this, but rest assured that we will keep observing further price trends and share any news here on the blog.

Chat with you soon!

The AirlineSim Team