Survey: Picking an Event Location for our Anniversary

In yesterday's blog post, we covered a lot of development-related topics surrounding AirlineSim, but that's not all that we have been working on - as 2022 marks the twentieth anniversary of our game, we're planning a community meetup that will take place later this year!

A few months ago, we posted a survey asking for your travel preferences and got a lot of feedback - thanks for your participation! After evaluating the results, we're ready to share the potential event locations with you - all the details can be found in the following sections.

If you're interested in joining the event, don't forget to cast your vote for your favorite places using the survey in our forum! We'll talk a bit more about the survey at the end of this post.

Frankfurt: A Classic Revisited

In the past, we've held numerous AirlineSim events in Frankfurt, so we felt like this option should definitely be included in our list of possible locations for the anniversary.

A meetup in Frankfurt would of course include a trip to Frankfurt Airport, where we could visit a few plane spotting locations and, depending on the group size, go on a bus tour around the airport, where we'd pass by the terminals, see take-offs and landings and maybe even have a look at the construction site for Terminal 3! We would also look into other possible aviation-themed activities around the airport and announce those in time.

In addition to that, we'd also rent a meeting room to discuss the game with you and top off the event with a tour around the city and (very likely) a traditional "Riesenschnitzel" or two.

Sinsheim / Speyer: The Technik Museum

If you want to see planes up close, the Technik Museum in Sinsheim and Speyer might be for you. The museum is located in both cities, each offering a wide array of exhibited aircraft and helicopters, meeting spaces for our presentation and various dinner options.

Some of the aircraft can even be visited from the inside, including the legendary Concorde and Tupolev Tu-144 in Sinsheim as well as the Boeing 747, Antonov AN-22 and Junkers JU-52 in Speyer. The Boeing 747 even has an accessible cargo hold and if you're feeling adventurous, you can also take a walk on its left wing!

Paris: National Air and Space Museum of France

Our next event option is Paris, where we'd have the chance to visit the National Air and Space Museum! Being located near the airport of Paris - Le Bourget, this museum adds a bit of an international flair while offering exciting sights for any aviation enthusiast.

In addition to aircraft like the Concorde, the Airbus A380 and several Boeings, the museum has 1:1 scale models of two Ariane rockets on display, offers visits to the interior of the Concorde and the Boeing 747 as well as access to a historical control tower, which should give us a nice view of Paris Le-Bourget Airport and the Eiffel Tower.

Of course, the city is packed with a lot of other sightseeing options, so we might use the opportunity to soak up some Parisian culture and finish the event by going on a city tour and enjoying dinner together.

Venice and Rimini: Experiencing Italy

Our last two options don't focus as much on aviation, but still have a lot to offer in terms of the event. In Venice, we could spend the anniversary exploring the city with its famous canals or, if we prefer a more laid back option, find a hotel located near the Adriatic coast and enjoy some time at the beach.

The final option would be Rimini, a city located a bit further to the south while still being close to the Adriatic sea. With a wide variety of beach hotels to choose from and many historical sights to discover in the old town, this location may be a fitting place for our event as well.

So, where are we headed?

Well, that's where you come in: Just like before, we prepared a survey where you can let us know about your preferred event locations. Here is what you need to know:

  • The survey is available in our forum starting today and we will probably give it a week before evaluating the answers. Ready? Click here to access the survey!
  • Feel free to pick several of the listed places, but please make sure to only select locations that you could really imagine visiting with us.

Last but not least: The event will probably have a duration of around two days, but we'll let you know about all the details once we've mapped out the final plan. We're looking forward to seeing your answers!