Data Patch: Introducing Freighter Conversions

Hey everyone! Today, we're rolling out the long-awaited freighter conversion tool that lets you turn your used passenger aircraft into full-fledged cargo machines! As announced in our latest dev update, we're combining the release of the tool with a general data patch that includes some airport updates and a selection of further aircraft additions.

Before we start looking into the details, let's give a big shoutout to our volunteers who made the new tool and the data patch possible – thanks a lot for your efforts!

The Aircraft Conversion Tool: How It Works

Planning to join the cargo business? Here's your chance: With the new conversion tool, we're introducing a variety of new freighter aircraft that you can use to give your old passenger machines a second life.

If you don't own any used aircraft, all you have to do is purchase a fitting passenger model from the aircraft market using cash. Please note that aircraft can only be converted if you fully own them – machines with an existing leasing or loan contract won't work.

Next, head over to your fleet management page and select the "Flight Planning" or "Flights" icon to the right of the purchased aircraft. On the following page, you'll find the new Conversion tab, which will show the available conversion options and prices for your model of choice. Clicking on "Convert Aircraft" will immediately turn your passenger machine into a freighter – no need to wait!

Which Aircraft Can I Convert?

For starters, we're adding seven new freighters to the game, including cargo versions of the A320, A321, 737-700 and -800, Dash 8-400 and CRJ 200, which will provide a total of 23 variants for you to choose from! You can find a list of all the available conversion options, prices and base models here.

Data Patch: Airport & Aircraft Updates

In addition to the conversion tool, we're also updating a few airports and adding a bunch of exciting aircraft models as part of a general data patch, including machines like the ATR 72-600F, LET 410 NG and the new Cessna 408 SkyCourier freighter! For a complete list of the updated airports and aircraft, click here.

We hope you'll enjoy trying out the new tool and aircraft additions! If you want to share your experiences, feel free to join us on the forum and Twitter or hop on our Discord server. Chat with you soon!