The New Handbook: Ready for Release

No matter if you're a beginner looking for a tutorial or just searching for general guidance regarding AirlineSim – today, we have some great news for you: As our old wiki has been offline for quite a while now, we're happy to announce the release of our new handbook!

You can access the handbook here:

Over the last months, we restructured the content from our previous wiki and turned it into an updated guide for our game. We know that the learning curve for AirlineSim can be quite steep, so we made sure to include a tutorial for beginners, where you can learn all about creating a company, acquiring aircraft and setting up your first flight schedule!

Apart from the tutorial, the handbook also features sections on advanced topics like maintenance categories, traffic rights and stock trades. To provide a general overview of the game menus, we also added new articles guiding you through the user interface. There's more to discover though, so feel free to head over to the handbook and see for yourself!

Please note that, as the handbook is still being worked on, the current version only features the English documentation. We already started working on the German translation though and will be adding new articles step by step.

By the way, we're more than happy to accept additions or updates to the handbook - we'll be adding a section on how you can contribute as a player soon, so stay tuned!

We hope you'll find the new handbook helpful! If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to join us on the forum, check out our Discord server or reach out to support. Happy playing!