Junkers IV: New Game World Live Now!

Welcome back, everyone - we hope you had an enjoyable start into the new year! To kick off 2023, we're rolling out the new iteration of our short-term game world Junkers today!

Similar to previous versions of the server, it will feature current aircraft types as well as nighttime bans and standard slots. Unlike its predecessors however, Junkers IV will also grant you access to a variety of used aircraft, which will be available from the very start!

If you're ready to launch your new airline, you can join the game world here: https://junkers.airlinesim.aero


  • Latest ORS version
  • Only current aircraft types available
  • Used aircraft at start
  • Nighttime bans active
  • Standard slots
  • One holding per account allowed
  • Increasing demand over time
  • No IPOs possible

This time, we've scheduled a run-time of 8 months for the server, so you'll be able to access Junkers IV until 27 September 2023.

Relaunch Voucher

In case you've run out of credits over the end of the year, we're also adding a voucher that will give you a 4% discount on your next credit purchase! All you have to do is enter our code JUNKERS4 during checkout. The voucher can be redeemed today and tomorrow.

Junkers III: Top Stats

Last but not least, let's have a look at the previous iteration's top airlines! As usual, you'll find a list of the complete Top 100 on the AirlineSim forum.

Top 3 Airlines - Passengers

  1. Fly By Airways: 107,456,281 Passengers
  2. SilverWings: 45,093,226 Passengers
  3. Cactus: 45,061,159 Passengers

Top 3 Airlines - Cargo

  1. ParcelJet: 31,786,122 Cargo Units
  2. Fly By Airways: 20,422,267 Cargo Units
  3. CargoFlo Air: 14,750,218 Cargo Units

Top 3 Airlines - Transported Seat Kilometers

  1. Fly By Airways: 308,964,865,590 SKT
  2. SilverWings: 104,688,895,474 SKT
  3. Airline deleted: 96,707,401,483 SKT

Top 3 Airlines - Transported Freight Kilometers

  1. Fly By Airways: 70,435,214,334 FKT
  2. ParcelJet: 57,546,686,759 FKT
  3. CargoFlo Air: 49,406,130,051 FKT

Top 3 Airlines - Flights Operated

  1. Fly By Airways: 717,774 Flights
  2. ParcelJet: 367,078 Flights
  3. Airline deleted: 320,252 Flights