Otto X - Game World Relaunch with 10% Discount on Credits

The current iteration of our short-term server Otto ran out a few days ago, so we're happy to introduce the game world's successor Otto X today!

The configuration shares similarities with some of the server's earlier iterations, so even without used aircraft at start, your companies will enjoy double slots and unlimited nighttime travel. For more details, check out the configuration section below!

If you'd like to join Otto X now, click here:


  • Latest ORS version
  • Only current aircraft types available
  • No used aircraft at start
  • Nighttime bans off
  • Double slots
  • Multiple holdings per account allowed
  • Increasing demand over time
  • No IPOs possible

Otto X will be available for a run-time of about 8 months, with the closing date set to 18 December 2023.

Relaunch Voucher

As we're celebrating the tenth iteration of the server, we've prepared a 10% discount voucher on credits to go with it! In order to redeem the code, just enter OTTO10 during your order and you'll receive the discount. The voucher code can be applied today and tomorrow.

Otto IX: Top Stats

Let's see how your companies ranked in the current iteration of the server! As usual, you'll find the full Top 100 in the AirlineSim forum.

Top 3 Airlines - Passengers

  1. Hibiscus Airway: 148,928,746 Passengers
  2. Ralphs West: 125,814,305 Passengers
  3. Airline deleted: 110,522,126 Passengers

Top 3 Airlines - Cargo

  1. ISAIR Cargo: 86,116,628 Cargo Units
  2. Hibiscus Airway: 50,779,870 Cargo Units
  3. Global Cargo Airlines: 42,059,034 Cargo Units

Top 3 Airlines - Transported Seat Kilometers

  1. Airline deleted: 336,458,315,250 SKT
  2. Hibiscus Airway: 290,539,697,638 SKT
  3. Ralphs West: 279,002,195,464 SKT

Top 3 Airlines - Transported Freight Kilometers

  1. ISAIR Cargo: 175,094,206,464 FKT
  2. Airline deleted: 112,450,147,793 FKT
  3. Hibiscus Airway: 94,213,028,678 FKT

Top 3 Airlines - Flights Operated

  1. Ralphs West: 1,027,025 Flights
  2. Hibiscus Airway: 1,019,926 Flights
  3. Winds USA: 858,610 Flights