New Long-Term Server Launch: Introducing Yeouido!

As announced in our recent newsletter, we're rolling out a brand-new long-term server today - curtains up for Yeouido!

The new game world blends a classic long-term server setup with a few new elements, such as updated aircraft prices and a data patch including new aircraft models like the Comac C919 as well as airport demand updates - check out the section below for more details!

Thanks to everyone for sharing your ideas regarding both the name and the configuration of the new server, we really appreciate it!

Ready to get started? Here's the link to the new server:


  • Latest ORS version
  • Standard starting capital
  • Only current aircraft types available
  • Used aircraft at start
  • Nighttime bans
  • Single slots
  • One holding per account allowed
  • Countries open for investment: None
  • Increasing demand over time
  • No IPOs possible

As mentioned above, Yeouido is using a classic long-term server configuration that includes single slots, nighttime bans and only allows one holding per account. It also features updated aircraft prices that account for changes due to inflation as well as realistic used aircraft amounts.

Credit Bundle Sale

If you need to stock up on credits for the new long-term server, worry not - we're adding a celebratory credit sale on our big credit bundles for the weekend! No code required this time - just select the bundle you'd like to order and the discount will be added automatically!

Yeouido Data Patch: New Aircraft & Demand Updates

To top it off, we're adding a data patch that only applies to Yeouido for now and includes new aircraft like the Comac C919 as well as demand updates for a wide variety of airports - as always, a big thanks to our volunteers who put a lot of time and effort into researching the required data!

A detailed list of the updates and additions can be found here. We hope you enjoy the new server and the contents of the patch - chat with you soon!