Domination VI: New Version & Voucher Code Available Now!

Our new short-term server Domination VI just went live, so let's see what this iteration has in store for you.

First off, the game world remains fairly open in terms of company expansion, as all countries allow foreign investment and airlines enjoy a doubled starting capital of 20 million AS$. As opposed to previous iterations, this version of the server also features nighttime bans and the option to create multiple holdings!

Want to give it a try? Then you can join here:


  • All countries open for foreign investment
  • Doubled starting capital of 20 million AS$
  • Latest ORS version
  • No used aircraft at start
  • Nighttime bans active
  • Standard slots
  • Multiple holdings per account allowed
  • Increasing demand over time
  • No IPOs possible

The game world's scheduled run-time is 8 months, so you'll have access to the server until 22 July 2024.

Relaunch Voucher

As promised, here's our new voucher code: Simply enter DOMINATION6 during checkout and you'll get a discount of 6% on your credit order! The voucher code will be valid today and tomorrow.

Domination V: Top Stats

Let's have one last look at the old server by checking out the rankings of the fifth iteration! A complete list can now be found on the AirlineSim forum as well.

Top 3 Airlines - Passengers

  1. China Southwestern Airlines: 103,142,403 Passengers
  2. Fly By Airways: 101,053,848 Passengers
  3. Air USA: 87,578,949 Passengers

Top 3 Airlines - Cargo

  1. Airline deleted: 45,301,741 Cargo Units
  2. Airline deleted: 20,230,566 Cargo Units
  3. China West Daxing Airlines: 18,892,718 Cargo Units

Top 3 Airlines - Transported Seat Kilometers

  1. Fly By Airways: 300,296,089,978 SKT
  2. China Southwestern Airlines: 223,869,812,988 SKT
  3. Air USA: 205,099,878,954 SKT

Top 3 Airlines - Transported Freight Kilometers

  1. Airline deleted: 113,011,005,528 FKT
  2. Airline deleted: 69,703,609,136 FKT
  3. China West Daxing Airlines: 68,051,188,127 FKT

Top 3 Airlines - Flights Operated

  1. Air USA: 714,396 Flights
  2. China Southwestern Airlines: 680,642 Flights
  3. Fly By Airways: 678,858 Flights