Otto XI: Last Relaunch of 2023!

With the holidays right around the corner, we're excited to share our new game world Otto XI with you!

This iteration offers a combination of modern aircraft, unrestricted night-time travel and the option to create multiple holdings while reintroducing standard slots.

If you'd like to hop on board, you can join the server here:


  • Latest ORS version
  • Only current aircraft types available
  • No used aircraft at start
  • Nighttime bans off
  • Standard slots
  • Multiple holdings per account allowed
  • Increasing demand over time
  • No IPOs possible

With a planned run-time of 8 months, you'll have access to the server until 19 August 2024.

Relaunch Voucher

As a bonus to the relaunch, we've also created a new voucher code: Just enter OTTO11 during your next credit order and you'll receive a discount of 11% on the purchase! The voucher code will be valid today and tomorrow.

Otto X: Top Stats

Let's bid Otto X farewell by having a look at the airline rankings of the tenth iteration! A complete overview is now available on the AirlineSim forum.

Top 3 Airlines - Passengers

  1. Old Oak Wings: 48,822,783 Passengers
  2. Jet9: 47,251,163 Passengers
  3. SkyVision: 43,352,786 Passengers

Top 3 Airlines - Cargo

  1. Kai Tak Air: 19,149,131 Cargo Units
  2. Kai Tak Cargo: 13,333,315 Cargo Units
  3. SkyVision: 10,184,471 Cargo Units

Top 3 Airlines - Transported Seat Kilometers

  1. Kai Tak Air: 187,598,074,754 SKT
  2. SkyVision: 154,076,448,585 SKT
  3. Jet9: 127,935,541,860 SKT

Top 3 Airlines - Transported Freight Kilometers

  1. Kai Tak Air: 103,928,534,101 FKT
  2. SkyVision: 61,267,914,150 FKT
  3. Kai Tak Cargo: 37,917,694,747 FKT

Top 3 Airlines - Flights Operated

  1. Old Oak Wings: 464,764 Flights
  2. Jet9: 315,531 Flights
  3. SkyVision: 237,211 Flights