March News Log - Medium-term game world, prices & dev-logs

As spring season is already around the corner, we wanted to take a moment to share the first news log of the year. This time, we're talking about a brand-new type of game world, credit prices and the AirlineSim dev-log on the forum!

Experiment: A new medium-term server

Since half of the team will be on vacation when our short-term server Yeager is slated for a relaunch later this month, we decided to try something new: Instead of restarting Yeager immediately, we will launch a new "medium-term" game world next week (exact date and time to be announced) already. As you might have guessed, this game world will be a hybdrid between our short- and long-term worlds, both in terms of duration and costs. The game world will cost 5 credits per day and will run for a total of three years. Should this model prove to be successful, we can see ourselves launching more of these medium-term servers going forward. Let us know on the forums what you think!

New prices starting April 1st

Not an April Fool's joke, sadly: For the past couple of years, inflation has been a thing again. A lot of businesses were quick to use this as an excuse for price hikes. We held out for a long time and left our prices unchanged. But at this point we need to accept that we can't maintain our current price levels any longer, especially given the fact that we haven't increased prices for AirlineSim credits since April 1st 2014... exactly a decade ago.

So, sadly, from April 1st of 2024, the following prices will apply:

  • 50 Credits: 2.49 EUR
  • 100 Credits: 4.20 EUR
  • 250 Credits: 9.90 EUR
  • 500 Credits: 19.10 EUR
  • 1000 Credits: 36.50 EUR
  • 2000 Credits: 71.80 EUR
  • 5000 Credits: 172.00 EUR

Thank you very much for your understanding and for keeping this niche little airline simulation running - by means of your credit purchases - for all this time and hopefully many more decades!

Regular dev-logs

In much happier news, and in case you haven't stumbled across them yet, I picked up writing regular dev-logs again. I maintained a somewhat sporadic log during ASTD development and I felt it would be nice to continue this practice for regular AirlineSim development. Especially given that, for the first time in a long time, working on AirlineSim is my primary focus again (as I ceased all contract work for the time being).

You can find the log entries on the forum, which I picked as the medium for several reasons: Firstly, it's very quick and easy for me to post stuff, which helps keeping it going. Secondly, it doesn't spam thousands of people every week because there's a new item on the official blog. Thirdly, it allows easy interaction with the community, as anyone can comment and ask questions on the respective threads.

And lastly, it's very easy to follow the log for anyone who's interested: All dev-log threads are tagged with the official tag devlog, which can only be used by team members, so no inofficial content from other players. You can find all recent logs on the tag's page. On this page you can set your personal notification level for the tag. Just click the bell in the upper right corner and select your preference. And if you'd rather follow passively but don't want to miss new posts, you can also point your RSS reader to the respective tag feed.

Posts are in English (again, to make it easier for me to post regularly), but in this day and age, you'll have no trouble getting a very good automated translation into whatever language you prefer. I am very much looking forward to your feedback and the (hopefully) ensuing discussions!