AirlineSim on Steam: Help us out by wishlisting!

Hi everyone! As you might have seen in Martin’s recent dev-log, we’re in the middle of preparing AirlineSim’s release on Steam!

A first draft of the Steam page is now up and running, so we wanted to seize the opportunity and share further details about why we decided to release AirlineSim on Steam and how you can help us out by wishlisting!

Wishlisting: What’s that about?

If you’re new to Steam, the wishlist feature might not sound very familiar. It’s quite simple though: If you have an account on Steam, you can wishlist the game by visiting the AirlineSim store page and clicking on the green "add to your wishlist" button in the "coming soon" banner.

Why is wishlisting so important? Well, it allows you to keep track of the game, notifying you about any releases for example. It helps us out a lot, too, as wishlisting a game can impact its visibility on Steam by determining where it shows up on the platform.

If you’d like to help us out, you can wishlist the game here! (Please note that the store page is still under development and will see a few further changes over the next few weeks.)

AirlineSim on Steam: Our goals

In case you’re wondering "What’s all that for?", here’s a quick overview of our goals!

One of our objectives approaching the Steam release was to explore a new platform for AirlineSim, making it available to a broader audience by reaching more potential players and creating a solid foundation for the future development of our game.

You might have noticed that we’re releasing the game in Early Access, which brings us to our next objective: Developing and enhancing the game going forward, making it more accessible and desktop-friendly and implementing new features such as updated in-game maps and other potential UX improvements.

Any questions?

As you can see, there’s quite a lot going on moving forward! If you have any questions regarding AirlineSim's release on Steam, feel free to reach out via the forum, our Discord server or support.

We really appreciate your support and are very excited to embark on this new journey with you!