Quimby XV: Releasing with used aircraft & a 15% discount voucher!

Let's greet the spring season with the start of a short-term server, shall we? This week, our game world Quimby is starting into its 15th iteration, so here's everything you need to know about the setup!

The new server offers a combination of current aircraft for order as new, realistic amounts of used planes as well as nighttime bans and doubled slots.

If you're looking to get started right away, you can join Quimby XV here: https://quimby.airlinesim.aero


  • Latest ORS version
  • Only current aircraft types available
  • Used aircraft at start
  • Nighttime bans active
  • Double slots
  • One holding per account allowed
  • Increasing demand over time
  • No IPOs possible

Like before, the game world will have a run-time of about 8 months, so you can access the server until 02 December 2024.

Relaunch Voucher

This time, we're adding a discount voucher of 15%! You can redeem it by entering our code QUIMBY15 during your next credit order (the voucher code will be valid today and tomorrow).

Quimby XIV: Top Stats

Last but not least, here's the overview of the server's last iteration! A complete list is now available on the AirlineSim forum as well.

Top 3 Airlines - Passengers

  1. Skylux: 169,210,525 Passengers
  2. FlyExpressGernany: 124,725,930 Passengers
  3. AeroVert: 101,752,451 Passengers

Top 3 Airlines - Cargo

  1. EasternExpressCargo: 78,704,152 Cargo Units
  2. Skylux: 52,687,087 Cargo Units
  3. FlyExpressGernany: 19,285,498 Cargo Units

Top 3 Airlines - Transported Seat Kilometers

  1. Skylux: 492,336,156,734 SKT
  2. FlyExpressGernany: 405,669,634,563 SKT
  3. AeroVert: 166,030,579,250 SKT

Top 3 Airlines - Transported Freight Kilometers

  1. EasternExpressCargo: 200,389,356,738 FKT
  2. Skylux: 159,615,481,455 FKT
  3. FlyExpressGernany: 78,938,162,235 FKT

Top 3 Airlines - Flights Operated

  1. Skylux: 706,534 Flights
  2. AeroVert: 657,885 Flights
  3. SKYglobal: 543,499 Flights