20 Years of AirlineSim: Let's Celebrate!

Welcome back, everyone!

The new year has begun and we have some very exciting news for you. As you may have read in our previous post, 2022 marks a special occasion for the game: A few days ago, AirlineSim officially turned 20 years old!

Since the year of the anniversary …

That was 2021!

As the end of the year is almost here we want to take the time and provide a quick recap of what went on with AirlineSim in 2021. We will also add some information on what's in store for the game in the upcoming year, so stay tuned!

A New …

End of the Year Relaunch: Bleriot III is Here!

2021 is coming to a close and so is our game world Bleriot II. But no worries: As the last launch of the year, the third iteration of Bleriot is going live today!

This time, we decided to go back to the world's original configuration by removing nighttime bans and …

Quo vadis, AirlineSim?

After seeing your feedback and the lively discussion surrounding the future of AirlineSim, we are very excited that we can finally share the project that we have started working on: The AirlineSim Technology Demonstrator, or short, ASTD!

You may be wondering what that is about, so here is a quick …

Domination III

The time has come for another launch: Today, we are happy to announce that the game world Domination is going for a third run!

Like in the previous two iterations, Domination III offers you the possibility to create subsidiaries in countries all around the world and gain access to full …

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