Bleriot VI: New Year, New Game World!

Let's greet the new year with a game world relaunch, shall we? This time, we're welcoming the latest iteration of our short-term server Bleriot!

The new server operates with a steady focus on current aircraft, while bringing back unrestricted nighttime flying and introducing the option to create only one holding …

Farewell 2023, now boarding for 2024

Just like that, another year has passed. Today I want to look back at all the things that happened in 2023 but also take a peek at what’s up ahead in 2024.

But first things first: If you want to treat yourself to a fresh batch of credits over …

Otto XI: Last Relaunch of 2023!

With the holidays right around the corner, we're excited to share our new game world Otto XI with you!

This iteration offers a combination of modern aircraft, unrestricted night-time travel and the option to create multiple holdings while reintroducing standard slots.

If you'd like to hop on board, you can …

Domination VI: New Version & Voucher Code Available Now!

Our new short-term server Domination VI just went live, so let's see what this iteration has in store for you.

First off, the game world remains fairly open in terms of company expansion, as all countries allow foreign investment and airlines enjoy a doubled starting capital of 20 million AS …

Scheduled Downtime on 21 November 2023

Hey everyone,

as part of our on-going hosting migration - we moved all AirlineSim game worlds recently - we are now starting to move our central backend services, namely our account management and payment systems.

As such, please expect a downtime of about 15 minutes on Tuesday the 21st of November around …

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