New Game World: Domination

Today, we are launching a new experimental game world, or rather game mode: Domination!
In Domination, you will be able to set up subsidiaries all around the globe with full traffic rights, allowing you to truly conquer the world!

Get started here:

This is a very ...

Otto VI launch and patch

Today, we are introducing the latest maintenance patch to all game worlds, including the new financing formulas. Please refer to the news post for the Yeager III launch for more details. Existing loan contracts on old game worlds will stay as they are.

For a better illustration of how the ...

Starting into 2020

The new year is already a few weeks old by now, so it’s time for a news update!

Otto VI

As you know, Otto V is ending on February 7th - and we’ve decided to launch Otto VI on the same day. So mark your calendars now for the ...

Yeager III offers preview of things to come

It’s time for a new incarnation of our Yeager game world to start!

With it, we’re introducing a new system for aircraft financing, that shall finally make credit financing a viable option for airlines and increase the number of owned aircraft. This is especially relevant, as we’re ...

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