Get a scary discount with code FLIGHT13!

Would you board flight number thirteen? Especially on today's date? If not and you'd rather spend a day managing your airline's perfectly safe and non-scary flight operations, why not get a bunch of frighteningly cheap credits to pumpkin-spice-latte-sweeten the deal?

Just head over here, pick your package size and enter …

Junkers V: New Game World Featuring Current Aircraft & Voucher Code!

Hi everyone! We're back from summer break, so let's greet the new season by introducing our short-term server Junkers V!

Like the previous iteration, the game world features current aircraft types, nighttime bans and the option to create one holding per account. This time however, the server will start without …

Game World Restart & Credit Discounts: Yeager VIII is here!

With summer break right around the corner, we're excited to introduce our new short-term server Yeager VIII!

This iteration is quite similar to the current one, the exceptions being double slots and restrictions on nighttime travel. With a selection of used aircraft at start your planes will be in the …

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