New long-term game world: Limatambo

It's finally here... our first long-term game world with the new ORS! Say hello to Limatambo!

Want to get started right away? This way please:

We’re wishing you best of luck and success on our new game world!

Configuration for Limatambo:

  • New ORS
  • No ...

December Preview

The year is almost over and you’re probably wondering which new game world launches to expect before Christmas. Both Otto VI and Wright are ending in December and - to make room for a brand new game world - will not immediately be replaced by new iterations this time. Here’s ...

Domination II launched

Today, we are launching the second iteration of our Domination game word! With the first game world proving popular, we’re now going for a full year-long second iteration. As before, everyone will be restricted to one holding per account, but any subsidiary gains full traffic rights, so you can ...

Yeager IV and Update

Yeager IV is here!

With a slightly changed configuration - now including some used aircraft - it's ready for you to start a new airline adventure!


  • New ORS
  • Used aircraft available
  • Nighttime bans active
  • Standard slots
  • Multiple holdings per account allowed
  • Increasing demand over time
  • No IPOs possible

Get started ...

New game world Junkers and Domination extension

As announced four months ago, we’ve set the goal to launch a new game world roughly every two months. Today, we are launching Junkers, our latest game world to join the line of Quimby, Otto, Yeager and Blériot. These five game worlds will ensure that there’s always a ...

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