Upcoming Data Patch Schedule

This is an advance notice for data patches we plan to apply over the coming days.

Xiguan / Hoover

This Thursday, June 25th, we will upgrade our Xiguan and Hoover game worlds to the latest Blériot patch level. This includes the new airports (e. g. Daxing) as well as the new ...

Maintenance Patch 2020-02

Today we are releasing a new maintenance patch, bringing along some smaller features and changes for the game and aircraft data. You can find all relevant changes below.

Version 6.4.6 Release Notes

New Features

  • Flight Planning: When creating new flight numbers from the aircraft page, you can now ...

New game world: Bleriot

We frequently receive questions about when the next game world will start - and especially our short-term game worlds Quimby, Otto and Yeager have been very popular recently. But the next re-start of Quimby is still two months away and we’re sure nobody wants to wait that long for a ...

New Game World: Domination

Today, we are launching a new experimental game world, or rather game mode: Domination!
In Domination, you will be able to set up subsidiaries all around the globe with full traffic rights, allowing you to truly conquer the world!

Get started here:

This is a very ...

Otto VI launch and patch

Today, we are introducing the latest maintenance patch to all game worlds, including the new financing formulas. Please refer to the news post for the Yeager III launch for more details. Existing loan contracts on old game worlds will stay as they are.

For a better illustration of how the ...

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