Yeager IX Relaunch, Updated Airports, New Maps & AirlineSim Roadmap!

After a short break for scheduling reasons, our short-term server Yeager is finally going for another round today!

That's not all though, as we're also rolling out the updated airports that have been introduced with our medium-term server Tristar to all other game worlds and adding the updated map feature that we've been working on recently.

Last but not least we're diving into some roadmap planning for AirlineSim, a process in which you can now partake on the forums. For further details, check out the section below!

Yeager IX: Back After Hiatus!

Before we cover the patch and roadmap topics, let's see what Yeager IX is bringing to the table!

With a sightly shorter run-time than it's predecessor, the new server will offer a dynamic playing field for you and your new airline. Combined with current aircraft, no restrictions on nighttime flying and double slots, you'll take your business to the skies in no time!

You can join the new server here:

Configuration & Relaunch Voucher

  • Latest ORS version
  • Only current aircraft types available
  • No used aircraft at start
  • Nighttime bans off
  • Double slots
  • Multiple holdings per account allowed
  • Increasing demand over time
  • No IPOs possible

The game world will have a run-time of about 6 months, which means you can access it until 18 November 2024.

To celebrate Yeager's comeback, we've created a new discount voucher for credits! Simply enter our code YEAGER9 during your purchase and receive a discount of 9%! (The voucher code will be valid today and tomorrow.)

Airport Data Patch Now Live

You might have noticed that our recently launched game world Tristar came with a geo data patch containing bunch of new airports as well as demand updates for passengers and cargo.

Today, we're rolling out these changes to all other game worlds as well! (Note: All servers are now running on version 6.9.0.)

Thanks again to our volunteer team for the huge amount of research that went into this!

AirlineSim Development Roadmap

Apart from the Steam launch (we hope we can share more news on that soon!), we've started thinking about what's next on the agenda for AirlineSim in terms of game development.

In order to better understand your preferences as players, we've created a new category on the forum: The Feature Roadmap!

In this category, you can vote for a variety of planned and speculative features that you think could make for an interesting addition to the game. If you're interested, head over to the forums for all the details regarding the voting process.

Note that the set of features listed there right now is just the start and roughly corresponds to the roadmap of the AirlineSim Technology Demonstrator. More features will of course be added over time, especially based on community feedback and initiative!

We're looking forward to your feedback!