Version 6.10 released - Fixed Arrival Times in all game worlds

We're happy to announce that we have just rolled out AirlineSim version 6.10 to all game worlds.

The most important change brought about by this release is the switch from Speed Overrides to Fixed Arrival times. This feature intends to alleviate scheduling issues that arise from changing flight times of existing flights, for example due to changes to airport coordinates or aircraft parameters. Since players were facing a lot of such issues after our recent data patch, we rushed to get this update out of the door as quickly as possible. So if anything about it doesn't feel quite right yet, please do not hesitate to let us know!

You can find the full release notes for this release on the forums.

Just for reference, here are the most important things to keep in mind:

  • When scheduling new flights, everything should work pretty much as it has before.
  • When working on existing flights, note that AirlineSim now defaults to the safe option, meaning any existing arrival times will be fixed by default and you need to uncheck the fixed arrival time checkboxes for AS to automatically compute new arrival times based on the aircraft’s speed.
  • The utility buttons that previously allowed to set a minimum or maximum cruise speed have been replaced by such that allow to skip to the previous or next slot (meaning: current arrival time -/+ 5 minutes).
  • As soon as you manually touch an arrival time, either by actually changing it by hand or using any of the utility buttons, the time for that day (or those days) will be automatically marked as “fixed”.
  • Unchecking a “fixed arrival time” checkbox means that AS will immediately compute an arrival time based on the aircraft’s speed.
  • Of course, any change will only become effective once the adjusted settings are saved.
  • Scheduling hypothetical flights is still possible by marking a flight day’s arrival time as fixed in scheduling without assigning an aircraft. Note that in these cases, a default cruise speed of 800 km/h will be used for lack of a better alternative at this point.

For a more in-depth discussion of the new arrival times feature, check out the respective devlog entry!