Patch to Version 1.3.21b and Aquila update 1.0.1

Nicosia was patched to the latest version just a few minutes ago. On top of that we prepared a new update for Aquila, our central account management platform. Primarily this update consists of two new features: A recommendation feature which allows you to tell a friend about AirlineSim and thereby earn free credits as well a long anticipated account deactivation feature. Please note that both new addons are still in testing, so please report any bugs or problems you may encounter to You can find the complete list of AirlineSim changes after the break.

Version 1.3.21b

BUGFIX: Wrong method to determine aircraft equality in travel generation
BUGFIX: Corrected wrong titles of passenger/cargo statistics
BUGFIX: Name changes of holdings/enterprises on approval could lead to the same name existing twice
BUGFIX: Several textual changes and corrections
BUGFIX: Suppressed aircraft sales and aircraft leasing between holdings of one account
BUGFIX: Entering too long names for service profiles could cause uncaught exception
UPDATE: Flight schedule link in an airport's office list directs to an airport-specific schedule
UPDATE: More than one fleet action at the same time possible
UPDATE: NOW BOARDING status on departure boards dependant on aircraft size
UPDATE: Additional accumulated figures on flight info page
CHANGE: CHECK IN status removed from departure boards
CHANGE: Aircraft trader only offers aircraft already delivered for leasing/sale
CHANGE: Only one holding per account may subscribe to any IPO
CHANGE: Adjusted loan formula does not count cash as security
CHANGE: Redone method to set salaries
CHANGE: Balance sheet total has to amount to at least 50 million AS\$ to be allowed to act as aircraft lessor
CHANGE: Interest and repayments for loans that cannot be paid for are not added to the loan anymore
NEW: Transfer flights can be scheduled using a fleet action
NEW: Additional operating figures for listed enterprises (P/E ratio, Return on Equity and others)
NEW: Display of average salaries on country page
NEW: Employee mood