User Advisory Board elections

AirlineSim might be a pretty realistic airline simulation, but afterall it is a management game. And games are supposed to be fun. Unfortunately there are always some who take it too seriously and who cause damage to other players for their own benefit. Obviously we are talking about cheaters.

When playing a card game it is easy to define the term "cheating": Having an ace up your sleeve clearly makes you a cheater. In AirlineSim this is quite a bit more difficult and very much up to personal opinion. Because of this, we cannot let moderators or other team members punish potential cheaters by themselves. There has to be a clearly defined process of filing a complaint, investigating a case, finding an approriate sentence and executing the latter. The community should be involved in this process as a sole team decission will always be biased.

To guarantee the proper employment of such a process we established the socalled User Advisory Board in the German community. Now that the English one has grown to a decent size we also want to introduce the same system here. The first step on the way to a dedicated English-speaking User Advisory Board are the elections to the first five seats on the board. As a player of AirlineSim you should make use of the opportunity to participate in this election to make your voice heard. You can vote for as many of the 13 candidates as you wish HERE.