Version 1.5.4

Today all game worlds received the scheduled update to version 1.5.4. This update includes the already announced changes to the stock market rules. Beyond that it is a regular maintenance release fixing various bugs and introducing smaller improvements. One of these is the in-game support page which gives you a brief overview over all available support channels.

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  • Defect #658: Completion Date for new Buildings not affected by time setting
  • Defect #668: "Create first airline" bubble covers info menu
  • Defect #697: Check highly indreasing loan interest
  • Defect #716: Bank account statement not affected by time setting
  • Defect #745: Stock chart not limited to 2 months
  • Defect #757: Incorrect handling of terminated leasing contracts when provider is deleted
  • Feature #655: In-Game Support Information
  • Feature #680: Alliance - add function to kick member
  • Feature #711: Add Spielewiese integration (only German game worlds)
  • Feature #714*: Language change widget in top bar
  • Feature #738: Alliance market share statistic at airports
  • Feature #753: Periodical update of official stock offers
  • Change #667: Check name against black-list on alliance foundation process
  • Change #737: Improved alliance criterion for relation statistics
  • Change #743: Semi-automatic stock rate generation
  • Change #744: New procedure for IPO termination

* This feature won't be activated until first translations are finished.