Update of the simulated world economic index AGEX

In the second quarter of 2012 the AGEX was introduced, a randomly generated purely virtual index, which is intended to reflect an imaginary world economy in AirlineSim and affects the global passenger and cargo traffic levels.

This feature has been discussed controversially on the forums and both sides - opponents and supporters - have raised good arguments. We knew that the introduction of such a dynamic component would not encounter pure euphoria and we were aware that some players would leave AirlineSim due to this change. But we consider the introduction of AGEX to be an important and right decision that we do not want to undo.

Nevertheless, when examining the counter arguments raised during the discussions, we realized that the AGEX in its present form leaves room for improvement. The various possible optimizations and their consequences have already been highlighted in the discussion on the forums. As a first step, we have decided to change the scaling of the AGEX: In the future, a decline of the index by 10% will not imply a decrease by 10% in demand but less.

This update has been tested internally for some time and will be installed on the game worlds soon. The demand levels in the game worlds are likely to jump by a few points, although the index AGEX retains its previous value. This is no error - it is an intended behavior.

The AGEX will also be an issue at the AirlineSim convention in Frankfurt.