AirlineSim now live on Steam: Support us with a review!

Today, we're finally releasing AirlineSim in Early Access on Steam!

In this post, we want to outline how you can support us on the new platform by posting a review, share further details about Early Access and take a look at what’s next for AirlineSim after the Steam release!

Steam Reviews: Here’s how you can help

In addition to wishlisting, you can now support AirlineSim by leaving a positive review!

Why is this important? The Steam rating is a key factor when it comes to whether or not a game will be successful on the platform, so receiving reviews is vital, especially during the first 24 hours after a game's launch!

If you'd like to help us out, please follow these steps:

  • Install AirlineSim through Steam by visiting the AirlineSim Steam page.
  • Once the game has opened, do not create a new account, but instead connect your existing one by logging in with your usual AirlineSim credentials.
  • After having spent some time in the Steam version of AirlineSim - the more the better - go to the store page and leave a review!

As we’re releasing the game in Early Access, we’re also inviting you to test the Steam version and share your experience with us on the forum or via support.

We’re looking forward to your feedback!

Early Access & Free Game Worlds

Speaking of Early Access - let’s review what this is all about!

Early Access primarily concerns the Steam version of AirlineSim, with the goal of optimizing our long-standing browser-based simulation in regards to its integration on the new platform.

We’re also planning on making AirlineSim more accessible overall, which is something that both players of the Steam and the browser version can benefit from.

As part of the Steam release, we also opened up a couple of free game worlds, which offer a limited set of features and are intended to give new players a good place to start their airlines and explore the game for free.

Our Steam FAQ

If you're looking for further details regarding the Steam release, don't worry - we recently added our Steam FAQ to the AirlineSim forum as well as our handbook to gather all relevant information in one place!

The FAQ cover everything you need to know about AirlineSim's integration on Steam, the game's Early Access status and of course what all of this means for you and your current game. Feel free to reach out in case we missed anything!

Steam & Beyond: What's next?

With the release preparations behind us, we can now have a look at what's next for the game!

After the release of Junkers in May, our next game world restart on the schedule will be the launch of Domination VII on 22 July - more details will follow here!

In terms of development, we are currently working on further adjustments to the flight planning interface, the first iteration of which we released two weeks ago. After that we will most likely look into the immediate feedback we gathered from the Steam release and see what needs to be addressed first.

In the medium-term however, we’re planning to start tackling features from our feature roadmap, so make sure to check out the suggestions and cast your votes for your favorites!